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Equine Aromatherapy Products

The AlvaHorse range was originally developed by a Welsh man called Phil Bowen. His philosophy was, "Only the best is good enough for my horses."

Phil discovered the benefits of Aloe Vera and essential oils some years ago. He knows that the successes of his Supreme Champion Welsh Cob, Rhystyd Dazzler, have been enhanced by the AlvaHorse show and grooming products. He also knows that he has greatly improved the quality of life of his own horses and for that of many other horses in the UK and around the world with the AlvaHorse health care range.

AlvaSparkle was the first product and started selling commercially in 1995. The range developed and expanded; AlvaHorse is one of the UK's leading suppliers of equine aromatherapy products and we now sell products throughout the world. 

AlvaHorse products are used by many of the world's leading equestrians. From the family pet pony to supreme champions at international level, the AlvaHorse products are available for all, helping to make and keep beautiful, healthy horses and ponies. The quality and effectiveness of the AlvaHorse products is supported by the many testimonials we receive from our customers.

We do not use aggressive pesticides or insecticides. The result is that our products are kinder to the horse, to the owner and the environment. 


AlvaHorse uses only the highest quality essential oils and Aloe Vera.

Essential oils are the substances which give plants their fragrances and herbs and spices their flavours. They are usually extracted by distillation or cold pressing. Although aromatherapy as we know it today was developed in the 1920's and 1930's, essential oils have been used from the earliest civilisations.

Plants and plant extracts have, for centuries, been highly regarded for their wide ranging properties. Aloe Vera was a great favourite of Nefertiti, Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.

Our knowledge of horses and our aromatherapy expertise combine to make the show and grooming range, and the healthcare range, amongst the very best available.

Beautiful Healthy Horses Naturally!!!

AlvaHorse Products


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