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AlvaShadow testimonials


 "ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter - great."
Paula S, Wirral  


"ALVASHADOW eye & muzzle highlighter very good, doesn't leave a dusty greasy look on horse after 10 mins of applying."
Gemma Bullock, Waltham Abbey, Essex  


"ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter is the best product of its type that I have ever used. Cheers!!"
Mo Hall, Co Durham


"ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter very nice product. Easier to use and a better result than baby oil."
Chris Skerrett, Meir Heath, Stoke-on-Trent  


"Used ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter for the first time this year (instead of baby oil) Its brilliant!"
Dot Wales, Baslow, Derbyshire  


"ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter is the only product our Arab horses do not react to."
Liz Titteringham, Birkrigg Park, Kendal


"ALVASHADOW eye & muzzle highlighter has calmed my horse in the trailer. Coat shine is brill."
Lucy Weston (M R Williams), Banwell


"ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter definitely helps calm bad travellers."
Kath Davies, Tregaron  


"Won Pony of the Year wearing ALVASHADOW eye and muzzle highlighter."
Sara Miriam, Parciau Farm, Caernarfon  


"We used today highlighter, coat gloss and mane and tail conditioner and won at HOYS."
Sally Keepe, Preston on the Hill 



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