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AlvaSweet testimonials


“ALVASWEET itch controller – worked really well.“
J Smith, Far Forest, Wors 


“Itching? – great stuff.“
K Robbins, Oldbury 


“ALVASWEET itch controller I have found this product better than any other at stopping itching.“
Fiona Hudson, Peckmill Farm, Sheffield 


“We stock your products in our saddlery and have excellent feedback, especially on the itch controller ALVASWEET.“

H Hammond, Retack Saddlery 


“Brill, best stuff to stop itching!“

Miss E Cater, Bossingham, Lincoln 


“ALVASWEET itch controller was great on my horse. ALVAMIRACLE Cream is fantastic.“
Sally Moffatt, Sheffield 


“ALVASWEET itch controller - good thank you.“
Sarah Punnett, Swansea 


“ALVASWEET itch controller – it really works, easy to wash, leaves no sticky residue – we now sell it in our shop!!!“
Rita Griggs, Leicester


“Itching?- ALVASWEET itch controller definitely works!“
Caroline McKain, Walsall


“ALVASWEET itch controller is the most effective product I have found for itching.“
Margaret McEddie, St Leanards, Glos  


“ALVASWEET Itch Controller is the only one we’ve found that works. Brilliant.“
Jo Bentall, Welland, Worc  


“I used ALVASWEET itch controller it solved the problem within 3 days.  The show range is incredible, don’t use anything else.“
Tim Smith, Gunnes, Scunthorpe 


“Absolutely Fantastic, wouldn’t think of using anything else. ALVASWEET itch controller.“
Paula Corrigan, Grays, Essex 


“Stops my dressage horse looking like a pony! ALVASWEET itch controller.“
Tracey Forres, Herts


“Helped my horses itch. Brilliant stuff.”
Jenny Turner, Caerphilly, South Wales 


“ALVASWEET itch controller & ALVAMIRACLE cream great products. Helped with itching.”
Michelle Barr, Wirral 




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