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Alva TeaTree Shampoo - 1 litre

Alva TeaTree Shampoo - 1 litre


 We highly recommend AlvaTeaTree shampoo for general bathing of your dog and to leave them naturally smelling good !

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AlvaTeaTree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe the skin whilst helping to deter those dreaded fleas !

It’s medicated to avoid irritation and to reduce any in your dog’s coat.

The tea tree oil in this shampoo is pleasant whilst bathing and acts as a deterrent to fleas, leaves the coat smooth, clean and smelling lovely.


The tea tree oil we use is pharmaceutical grade to ensure your dog has the highest quality.

We recommend you saturate the coat with AlvaSheen after every shampooing.
This will seal it and help to prevent dust and dirt sticking to the lovely clean coat.

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