Grooming Essentials

Grooming Essentials


🐴 Horse grooming essentials 🐴⭐️ ⭐️ Special offer at £32⭐️ ⭐️ (saving £9.80 when compared to Amazon and the AlvaHorse website)

So what do you get?

500ml of AlvaTeaTreeShampoo

500ml of AlvaSparkle

500ml of AlvaDazzle

This trio of products will leave your horse’s skin clean, sparkling and protected to reduce stable stains. Their mane, tail and feathers will be dazzling and knot free. They’ll also smell clean and fresh as an added benefit of the essential aromatherapy oils we use.Why choose these products?AlvaTeaTree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe and cool the skin whilst ensuring that you don’t develop the dreaded ‘scurf’. It’s medicated to avoid irritation. The tea tree oil smells lovely, acts as a deterrent to flies and leaves the coat smooth and beautifully clean.AlvaSparkle is a premium coat conditioner combined with aloe vera and our unique coat gloss. It is easy to use and gives a long-lasting high gloss finish. AlvaSparkle helps prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the coat and reduces stable stains.AlvaDazzle is a mane, tail and feather conditioner that is not only great for everyday use but it also adds shine for show success. Made using pure lavender oil, aloe vera and our unique conditioner, this product really works wonders on unruly manes, knotty tails and feathers that need conditioner.

Essentials grooming: 500ml