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Winter wash and protect

Winter wash and protect


Winter wash and protect

You will receive

500ml AlvaTeaTree Shampoo

500ml AlvaBarrier

Free postage £28.50

🍃AlvaTeaTree shampoo 🍃

AlvaTeaTree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe and cool the skin whilst ensuring that you don’t develop the dreaded ‘scurf’. It’s medicated to avoid irritation. The tea tree oil smells lovely, acts as a deterrent to flies and leaves the coat smooth and beautifully clean. AlvaTeaTree is a really important first step to enhance most of the products in the range It gently cleanses the coat (great pre fly repellent/ sweet itch) but also has the benefit of the tea tree oil in there.

🌱AlvaBarrier Mud & Rain Protector.🌱

🌱AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain 🌧 Protector combines pure essential oils with our unique coat conditioner. This formulation helps to protect a horse’s coat reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain.. After brushing off and removing as much mud and dirt as possible from the horse apply AlvaBarrier – Mud & Rain Protector to the affected areas. out. Continue regularly for the first week and then as often as required depending on the weather and ground conditions.

⭐️For best results, we recommend you use AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo before the first application and at least once a month thereafter. lol

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